Ukraine-JINR Collaboration

JINR 65th Anniversary Conference

September 6-10, 2021, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Registration deadline: July, 02, 2021

General Information

Today, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) is a kind of scientific and technical framework for for scientists from many countries who are directly involved in conducting the cutting-edge nuclear physics experiments. An important aspect of international cooperation for the Ukrainian researchers in the field of nuclear physics and materials science is to consolidate scholarly research, engineering, and financial resources of countries for creating international research organizations and implementing large-scale projects in modern science and technology.

The cooperation of Ukrainian R&D organizations and companies with JINR have a positive effect on creative and innovative processes, including the development and study of new high-tech materials.

Collaboration with JINR gives Ukrainian researchers access to modern methods of physical research and unique equipment at leading international R&D centers, while planning and implementing large-scale experiments in nuclear physics, and enables studying the problems of the Universe. Teachers, students, and schoolchildren from Ukraine have additional opportunities to work with the cutting-edge methods, modern equipment and innovative approaches in the field of science and technology.

We invite you to take part in the work of the Conference dedicated to the JINR 65th Anniversary!

Main topics

  1. Neutrino researches.
  2. "Nika" Project.
  3. Nano-science.
  4. Ionizing radiation detectors.
  5. Nuclear science for biomedical applications.
  6. Cloud computing.
  7. Ukraine-JINR Collaboration Prospect

Main Conference

September 6-10, 2021

Registration deadline

July 02, 2021

Submission Deadline:

July 09, 2021


Within the framework of the Conference 3 events will be held.


The information about location will be available later.

Please make your reservation through the local organizing committee!

Organizing committee


Academician Borys Grynyov (ISMA)
Dr. Latchesar Kostov (JINR)

Organizing committee:

Academician Volodymyr Storizhko (Institute of Applied Physics)
Dr. Alexander Sorokin (ISMA)
Dr. Andrey Boyarintsev (ISMA)
Dr. Dmitrii Solovyov (JINR)
Dr. Anna Kotova (JINR)
Dr. Boris Chichkov (Institute of Quantum Optics)
Dr. Leonid Bulavinn (National University of Kyiv)
Dr. Sergey Barsuk (LAL, CNRS and Paris-Sud University)
Dr. Maxim Titov (CEA Saclay)

Local Committee:

Yurii Datsko, PhD
Lyudmila Voloshina, PhD
Vira Nesterkina, PhD
Iryna Ropakova, PhD